How we work

Our Experience is based on over 20 years of restructuring expertise. We successfully supported many companies in times of change, especially in crisis situations. All partners in our company have previously held leading positions in international consultancy and auditing firms as well as in industry. Our staff have full mastery of all relevant strategic, operational and financial aspects. In addition, expertise in engineering combined with wide experience in the sector ensures rapid and in-depth understanding of company situations. Our collaboration is experienced, efficient and trustful. On the basis of the individual conditions of the company we develop and assess concepts and provide guidance and support to management throughout their implementation. If required, we can also assume responsibility for management or supervisory functions.

Companies in changing situations need not only advice but, above all, involvement. Especially during a period of restructuring an atmosphere of trust, good personal contact and professional methods of communication are vital. Competence in methodology combined with management experience is the prerequisite. This is our conviction and our Philosophy.

We closely focus on entrepreneurial thought and action and see ourselves in the role of constructive partner. As a temporary guide and advisor we put our skills and experience at the disposal of management and provide fresh impetus for the future. Our principle is not “the more the better“, but „the right thing at the right time“. Trust, concentration on essentials and leadership culture are the focal points of our activities. Our Standard are individual concepts in highest quality.

Short-term and parallel solutions to strategic, operational and financial problems demand an integrated Work Approach. Interdisciplinary teams consisting out of chartered accountants, lawyers and engineers secure the project results with proven methods and instruments. The centre-point of successful cooperation is a joint project organization that enables functioning interface management. In this way, fields of expertise can be supplemented in a targeted approach and existing company resources used efficiently during cooperation.

This applies to the development of sustainable strategies, the elaboration and appraisal of feasible restructuring concepts as well as to the execution of sound planning measures.

Change situations demand exceptional Responsibility. Our responsibility lies in the professional handling of crisis situations and in the support of the existing management. This guarantees stability and reliability both within the company and externally. A pre-defined common code of communication runs parallel to this process.

Our clients have come to know the value we provide by the impact of the result we secure on their behalf. Beyond simply formulating a strategic solution to their financial situation, we strive to consistently project our own self-conception as it relates to each individual fulfilling their business full potential. Leading by examples creates Trust which not only gives new meaning to our purpose but allows for a single endeavour to forge a long-lasting advisory role.

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