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CIC Consultingpartner provide consultancy services to owner-run companies as well as to corporations. We are pleased to provide you with details of successfully completed projects and our scope of services. References are available on request.

A leading European manufacturer of textile drapery for interior applications in the automotive industry (Turnover € 170 Mio., employees approx. 550)

  • Implementation of an integrated business plan for 12 entities
  • Strategical realignment and implementation of a new business field structure
  • Elaborating a restructuring concept and expert report on the basis of IDW S6 for the Holding AG and their entities
  • Reorganization of the company structure according to company law
  • Support of the liquidation of a Suisse daughter company
  • Business audit of an entity specialized in home textile, including the franchise system and mail order business
  • Development of a carve-out concept for continuation of an entity outside of the Group
  • Evaluation of the business financing and developing of a business concept under consideration of a concentration and internationalization strategy
  • Implementation of new and alternative financing instruments

Stock listed company, operating in the global market for plastic applications (turnover € 2,0 Mrd., employees approx.. 15.000)

  • Development of a Post-Merger Integration concept after the acquisition of the biggest competitor
  • Implementation of an international operating project organization with direct reporting to the CEO
  • Closure of seven production sites and two administration offices in UK, France, Germany and BeNeLux
  • Integration of 40 production sites in the existing production network
  • Assessment and reallocation of the product program
  • Optimization of the production layout and logistics
  • Planning of the production shift of different production sites
  • Controlling and shifting of over 100 injection molding machines and € 50 Mio. of turnover
  • Implementation of efficiency improvements and cost reduction
  • Successfully negotiating of a social plan for site closing
  • Development of a selling concept of the production site and support of the selling process

Globally active producer of plastic machinery and tools (sales of approximately € 200 million, 500 employees)

  • Elaborating of a Restructuring Opportunity Report
  • Admission of a CRO in the management of the holding
  • Development of an action plan for the companies in Germany, Austria, USA and China
  • Implementation of an early warning system for sales control
  • Risk assessment of a major Chinese project
  • Review and update the forecast planning
  • Analysis and evaluation of the global production food print
  • Redesign of the production structure and personnel reorganization
  • Review of the sales organization and the independent representatives
  • Optimization of core processes, especially in sales and service
  • Implementation of a monitoring and control of implementation measures
  • Elaborating of a Milestone Achievement Report

Supplier in the automotive industry, operating in the global market (sales approx. 450m €, employees approx. 2,600)

  • Ensuring solvency in the short term and avoiding the duty to file for insolvency
  • Carrying out a business review to assess current situation
  • Reaching a standstill agreement with banks providing loans
  • Elaborating a restructuring concept and expert report on the basis of IDW S6
  • Implementing a project organisation with steering committee and project team
  • Safeguarding the restructuring process by introducing a CRO and a CFO
  • Strategic re-alignment through concentrating locations at home and abroad
  • Re-organising the business areas
  • Increasing operational performance by means of cost-reduction measures and structural adjustments
  • Steering capacity management through measures for short-time work
  • Successfully negotiating a social plan and organising a transfer company
  • Implementing commercial management and control systems
  • Introducing a sales management system
  • Actively bringing about price increases with key customers
  • Halving reject rates by introducing a quality management system

Restructuring within two years with sustained improvement in result, marked increase in equity ratio and repayment of long-term bank loans

Company in the construction industry (sales approx. 500m €, employees approx. 1,700)

  • Short-term measures for stabilising results
  • Orderly liquidation of a foreign subsidiary
  • Elaborating a restructuring concept and expert report on the basis of IDW S6
  • Safeguarding the restructuring process by introducing a CRO and a CFO
  • Reviewing and strategically re-aligning the business areas
  • Organising the strategic re-alignment and implementing it in line with company law by means of spin-off and establishment of a holding structure
  • Re-dimensioning the business areas
  • Carrying out divestments
  • Implementing a risk-management system for the offer and construction phase
  • Establishing and implementing a planning system for all holding companies
  • Transferring the collateral pool into follow-on consortial financing

Company focused on core activities with comprehensive re-alignment with regard to organisation and company law, resulting in manageable individual companies with stable results

Supplier in the household appliance industry (sales approx. 130m €, employees approx. 1,100)

  • Stabilising the European national companies after sales slump
  • Streamlining product range
  • Introducing a production concept for all locations
  • Reducing customer complaints by 80% by introducing a quality-management system
  • Reducing rejects and reworking by 50% within six months
  • Improving the commercial management and control system
  • Developing a re-capitalisation plan for the repayment of mezzanine capital
  • Assisting in the partial divestment of business areas

Divestment of fringe activities, marked improvement of results in core activities, re-capitalisation successfully implemented

Franchise company in specialised retail trade (sales approx. 120m €, employees approx. 260)

  • Elaborating a expert restructuring report on the basis of IDW S6
  • Adjusting the franchise concept in order to improve access to the market
  • Optimising the sales process so as to win over franchise companies
  • Introducing management and control systems for branch control
  • Improving commercial transparency by introducing a controlling system
  • Persuading private equity investors to carry out capital increases for securing branch expansion

Capital increase implemented, sales newly aligned, branch expansion target achieved

Company in the construction and mining industry (sales approx. 800m €, employees approx. 3,000)

  • Elaborating a restructuring concept on the basis of IDW S6 for the legally separate construction and mining units of the company
  • Taking over company management
  • Reaching a standstill agreement with banks providing loans and making divestments for the purpose of further financing
  • Developing the holding function together with cash-pooling
  • Negotiating a collective restructuring agreement in the mining sector
  • Combining and processing loss projects in a separate company
  • Introducing a risk management system
  • Managing the final M&A process and incorporating a new shareholder for sustained strengthening of equity capital

Loss projects reduced, successful consolidation of the mining sector, further development of the construction business together with a new investor

Manufacturer of brand clothing (sales approx. 100m €, employees 1,600)

  • Taking over and re-organising the business processes
  • Developing and introducing a new pricing system
  • Re-aligning sales and implementing key account management
  • Optimising time-to-market by 30%
  • Streamlining product range and implementing selective price increases
  • Reducing working capital by 18%

Improved return on sales by 4% points and greatly increased customer satisfaction

Industrial service provider (sales approx. 80m €, employees approx. 1,000)

  • Elaborating an expert restructuring report on the basis of IDW S6
  • Re-calculating major clients and projects
  • Developing measures for improving project efficiency
  • Actively re-negotiating prices and service
  • Improving cross-selling by adjustments in sales organisation
  • Increasing internal financing ability through improved project -invoicing processes
  • Facilitating and harmonising financing arrangements between the PE investor and banks

Restoration of return on sales usual to the sector and secured financing from private equity investor and banks

Varnish and paint manufacturer operating across Europe (sales approx. 650m €, employees approx. 2,400)

  • Reviewing distribution in the specialist trade business
  • Implementing re-alignment specific to customer groups and re-organisation of wholesale partners
  • Securing regional markets by means of restructuring and re-financing programmes for critical trade partners
  • Optimising sales processes with major increase in sales and market shares
  • Increasing performance in existing sales organisation

Wholesale partners restructured, sales increased by 12% in following year, increased customer satisfaction due to increased efficiency in sales organisation

Stationary and office supplies manufacturer operating across Europe (sales approx. 500m €, employees approx. 3,000)

  • Elaborating a restructuring concept for the European group on the basis of FAR 191
  • Performing capital reduction with subsequent capital increase
  • Involving the banks providing finance in the capital increase, and injection of fresh capital
  • Divesting assets not necessary for operation, and releasing liquidity
  • Carrying out divestments during the strategic re-alignment process
  • Re-organising procurement functions in the Asian market
  • Adjusting capacities and re-dimensioning the production areas
  • Continuing restructuring measures within the framework of an insolvency plan procedure
  • Successfully concluding restructuring by finding a private equity investor

Attainment of return on sales usual to the sector, market position restored and equity capital strengthened by means of private equity investor

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