Managing Directors and Shareholders

Our company needs re-assessment of its strategic alignment.

  • Have our markets changed fundamentally and how do we deal with the new competitive environment?
  • What are the future requirements on the customer side?
  • How has our product portfolio developed and will our products and service also be competitive in the future?
  • Are our manufacturing network and our supply chain still performing well and will they meet future demand?
  • Is our company prepared for the challenges posed by digitalisation?

Our turnover and margins have dropped.

  • Are marketing activities represented in all major sales channels and do they achieve optimum market exploitation?
  • How can turnover be increased sustainably?
  • What chances do we have to improve our price quality?
  • Are we reaching the necessary delivery capacity and service quality?

Our cost position has deteriorated.

  • How can we optimise our material usage?
  • How can we reduce manufacturing costs?
  • How can we reduce overheads?

Our company needs a restructuring concept (IDW S6).

  • What are the expectations of our contacts at the banks providing finance?
  • How do we fulfill the requirements of a restructuring concept in accordance with IDW S6 and BGH (Federal Supreme Court of Justice) jurisdiction?
  • What external support do we need?
  • What should our internal organisation look like?

Our company is heading for a liquidity crisis.

  • What are the requirements of the financing banks regarding a liquidity plan?
  • How can we optimise our liquidity management?
  • Where can we generate additional liquidity at short notice?
  • How do we cover ourselves against risks related to insolvency legislation?

Our company needs follow-up financing for the turnaround.

  • What options are suitable for us to strengthen our equity capital?
  • How can we reach an appropriate loan agreement with the banks providing finance?
  • How should we prepare the company for long-term financing?

Crisis situations need appropriate communication strategies.

  • How do we effectively communicate with all stakeholders?
  • What special information is needed by customers, suppliers and loan insurers?

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