Competence in the Sector

Change and restructuring processes are taking place in all sectors. The expertise and experience of our partners and staff are correspondingly high. We do not, however, claim to be in a position to discuss precise details with experts in their own field. Far more, we have the highest respect for these experts, and place great value on the expertise existing within the company in terms of insight into competitors and the market situation. This forms a solid basis for our cooperation. When necessary, we augment this expertise by means of efficient research, above all with regard to decisions on diversification and expansion.

Our in-depth understanding of different business systems opens opportunities for cross-sector applications. We know the specific prerequisites and factors that lead to success, and provide these for the purpose of making strategic and operational decisions. In some cases we can make recommendations that can be rapidly implemented in order to further develop companies.

  • Automobile industry suppliers
  • Building material manufacturers and traders
  • Construction industry and industrial service providers
  • Office supplies and stationary
  • Packaging Industry
  • Branch retail trade
  • Textile and clothing manufacturers
  • Logistics and freight service providers
  • Mechanical engineering and construction
  • Wood-processing industry
  • Foodstuffs and beverages
  • Household appliances and consumer electronics

Each sector is generally divided into a number of branches which are partly very diverse. Specific questions relating to these can be best clarified in a personal meeting.

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